Follow our start-up guide for App configuration details.

MAIN APP Settings

Configure main application settings:

  • Application name - main name of the application, visible to users.
  • Facebook page URL - from what page URL to sync your content.
  • Synchronization time - what time of the day to run content synchronization. Automatic push notifications will be sent at this time.
  • Synchronization timezone - what timezone to use when using synchronization time.


Configure application layout and colors:

  • Theme selection - set predefined theme for your App.
  • Menu types - choose which menu type to use for your App.
  • Colors - what colors to use in your App.
  • Advanced CSS rules - specify raw CSS rules for Ionic Framework. Suitable for advanced users.

Please note:

  • Customization is available separately for iOS and Android platforms. You can have different look and feel based on the target platform.
  • Changes in style are applied in the real time. To view updated look, just restart your App on the device.


You can customize all aspects of the selected theme.


Configure your application for proximity marketing.

1. Activate Beacons monitoring.
Select or enter custom UUID of beacons manufacturer. Please consult with your beacon manufacturer for correct UUID number.

2. Add new Beacon and configure name, Major, Minor numbers.
Please consult with your beacons manufacturer on how to get Major/Minor numbers for your beacons.

3. Configure beacon action and what message to show to user.
You can use simple message format or custom HTML message for most flexible editing.


Engage your customers with special deals and discounts.

  • Coupons name and descriptions - custom text describing your coupon details, visible to end users.
  • Valid from/till - specify validity date range of the coupon. Coupon can not be redeemed outside these dates.
  • Coupon Deal - following options are available:
    • Discount amount on price - fixed discount from current price
    • Discount percents on price - percentage discount from current price
    • Buy X and get Y free - receive extra free item after purchasing specific number of items.
    • Custom special - custom coupon.
  • Push Notifications - notify users about these coupon with Push notifications. You can schedule 2 notifications and specify notification text.
  • Customize coupon style - upload coupon image and customize colors of the coupon.

Loyalty CARDS

Keep your customers loyal to your brand with loyalty stamp cards.

  • Card type and stamp icon - choose how many items should be displayed on the card and stamp icon.
  • Loyalty card name and descriptions - custom text describing your card details, visible to end users.
  • Valid from/till - specify validity date range of the card. Cards can not be stamped outside of these dates.
  • Stamp code - code that must be entered by the cashier to stamp the card. Please inform the cashier of this code.
  • Daily limit - set the limit of maximum stamps per day per device.
  • Rewards - set name and icon of the reward. You can add additional rewards for specific card slots.
  • Customize card style - upload card image and customize colors of the loyalty card.


Push notifications are provided in two flavors:

  • Automatic notifications - sent automatically when trigger word is detected within content update.
  • Scheduled notifications - classic type, sent on exact date and time you choose.

Configure push notifications:

  • App Page - send notification about new content on specific App page. This page is opened when user taps the notification.
  • Status - enable, disable or schedule notification.
  • Play sound - play sound on the phone when notification received.
  • Display Badge - display App badge on iOS devices.
  • Trigger word - when this word has been detected in the new content, send the notification. Use trigger words to send different notifications for different content updates. Not in use with scheduled manual notifications.
  • Notification schedule - specify date and time when scheduled notification must be sent. You can add multiple schedules.
  • Notification title - title of the notification displayed on user phone.
  • Notification text - text of the notification displayed on user phone. This field is Android only.


We can publish your App for you and provide URLs to App Store and Google Play.

1. Required fields:

  • Full application description - we will use this description for App Store and Google Play.
  • App Icon - provide icon you wish to use for your application.
2. Press "Publish App" button and proceed through billing check out.
We will notify your by email once your App is available on App Store and Google Play.

If you wish to publish your App yourself, check out the next section.


APPBOX provides full platform for building your App for Android and iOS.
Please note that you need to open developer accounts with Google and Apple and pay their annual fees. This is not required when you use APPBOX Publishing.

1. Add signing keys.
To build your App you need to upload your signing keys and provision profile for App Store and Google Play.

2. Make sure you provide correct password and mobile provision profile.
You need to add both Android keystore and Apple .p12+mobile provision profile.

3. Enter building details, choose signing keys you uploaded, set App icon and splash screen and Build your App.
It may take few minutes before your built is completed. After activating billing for your App, you can download APK and IPA files.

4. When you publish your App yourself, we need to send push notifications on your behalf.
Provide Android push API key, Sender ID and Apple push certificate file (PEM format) with password.