APPBOX synchronizes your content every day automatically,
your App always displays latest information.

Daily updates

We synchronize your content every day from your Facebook page. You can specify what time to sync your content.

Zero maintenance

No actions are required from your side. Just post your content normally and we keep your App updated automatically.

Update anytime

You can force content update at anytime from APPBOX control panel, in case you want to update content right away.

Custom data

We can customize your App on request and retrieve data from your website, blog or any other online data source. Contact us for more info.

Automatic notifications

We notify your users about new content via push notifications automatically and you can configure notifications settings. Click here for more details.

Cloud based with cache

Your App contents are delivered from cloud service and cached on the user's phone. Without Internet your App displays cached content.


Check our user guide or create new App for further details.